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Direct Cremation by Harbour founder on ITV News

ITV News reports on rising cremation costs

Direct Cremation by Harbour founder on ITV News founder, Steven Cains, spoke to ITV evening news about the worrying trend for crematoria to increase prices while shortening service times for traditional cremations. This has led to more people choosing direct cremation as an alternative. With direct cremation they can host their own service at a more personal venue, saving money, while giving their loved one an individual send off.


Officials are calling for an end to ‘conveyor belt’ funerals that give mourners just 30 minutes in which to say their goodbyes to loved ones.

It comes as the competition watchdog launched an in-depth investigation into whether grieving families are being ripped-off by the industry.

Freedom of Information data seen by ITV News show average cremations charges, part of the full funeral costs, have risen by over £100 in the last three years.

Undertaker Steve Cains believes there should be more competition in the industry.

He told ITV News: “We’ve found cremation costs have risen faster than inflation over the last few years.”

He added: “Currently I cannot build a crematorium because there is an existing crematorium within a 45-minute drive, which leaves that crematorium with a captive market, able to charge whatever prices they wish.”


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