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The Mirror profiles "A Day in the Life of an undertaker"

The Mirror profiles A Day in the Life of an Undertaker

The Mirror profiles "A Day in the Life of an undertaker"

We were pleased to have been recently profiled by the Mirror for their “Day in the Life of” video series. The video follows our founder as they prepare an attended funeral service for our partner brand, London Funerals.

“It’s amazing how much you realize about your own life when you start explaining it to others! I’m particularly grateful for the fantastic team at the Daily Mirror. Their professionalism, warmth, and knack for making you feel at ease in front of the camera made the whole experience a breeze. But more than anything, this experience was a reminder of why I love doing what I do. It was a chance to show that behind every job title, there’s a personal journey full of challenges, triumphs, and everyday moments that all add up to something meaningful.”

The video has received more than 300’000 views on Facebook, making it one of their most popular videos in the series this year. For those of you who’ve watched the video, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our world. And if you haven’t seen it yet, do check it out either on Facebook or YouTube.

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