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What is a direct cremation?

Direct cremation is a way of separating the cremation from an attended funeral service. The cremation happens privately without any mourners in attendance. 


Can I still have a service?


Of course. Many people choose to have a memorial service after the cremation has taken place. While there isn’t a coffin present, many people use the ashes as a focus. These services can be religious or secular, formal or informal, it’s entirely up to you. Many of our  clients choose to have an informal gathering of family and friends where they scatter the ashes in a favourite location and then get together to remember the person at a restaurant, house or community hall. Wherever feels right. As the cremation has already taken place, there is no rush, so many people wait until the summer months to hold an event.


Can I attend the cremation?


No, as we typically use a central crematorium and the cremation usually happens very early in the morning. This way we are able to offer unattended direct cremations at an affordable price.


What happens at a direct cremation?


We collect the deceased and place them in their coffin before taking them directly to our crematorium. The cremation happens shortly afterwards. We always tell the family in advance when the cremation will take place, in case they wish to mark the moment remotely.


What happens to the ashes?


The ashes can be scattered in our crematorium’s gardens of remembrance, free of charge. Alternatively, for an additional fee, we can deliver the ashes anywhere in England and Wales. The ashes are delivered in a contemporary wooden urn with an engraved nameplate.


Are people cremated together?


No! Everybody is given an individual and private cremation. Cremating more than one person at the same time is illegal in the UK. There are strict protocols in place to ensure cremated remains are never misplaced or mixed up.


Why don’t you use a local crematorium?


Some crematoria insist families pay the full price to hire their chapel, even if they won’t be using it. Others charge exceptionally high prices for cremation. The fee can vary significantly throughout the country. We use a few trusted partners to ensure our level of service remains high but our prices are affordable.


Who chooses a direct cremation?


Roughly 1 in 14 funerals in the UK is now a direct cremation. Famous people like David Bowie and novelist Anita Brookner have chosen a direct cremation either for privacy reasons or because they felt a traditional funeral was not in keeping with their beliefs.


Is direct cremation dignified?


Yes, we treat all our clients with as much dignity as we would if they were our family or friends.


How much does a direct cremation cost?


Our prices start at £895. This includes: transportation from any hospital or coroner’s court in England and Wales, a simple environmentally-friendly coffin, cremation, and the scattering of the ashes in our Gardens of Remembrance (if that is what you want).

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Can I choose a direct cremation?


Yes! But please keep in mind that your wishes are not legally binding, even if they are included in your will. Your funeral will be decided by your next of kin, so it’s a good idea to talk to them and explain your wishes.



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