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Ashes in Fireworks

Ashes in Fireworks: Scattering Ashes in the Sky

Ashes in Fireworks

Help your loved one go out with a bang by incorporating some of their ashes into a firework display. Heavenly Stars has already done this for many of our customers and we wanted to share their details with you.


Scattering ashes in a spectacular way


Scattering ashes for someone you love is a deeply meaningful act. You want to ensure that it is a special and momentous moment. Some choose to scatter them in our tranquil gardens of remembrance. Others opt to receive the ashes in a graceful wooden urn, in order to cast them into the wind at a treasured spot. 


Or, perhaps you are seeking a more memorable scattering ceremony to commemorate your family member or friend? With the help of Heavenly Stars, Direct Cremation can arrange an unforgettable farewell on your behalf.


What do Heavenly Stars offer?


Heavenly Stars incorporates the ashes of your loved ones in their fireworks. They are then launched into the sky to put on a fantastic display. In an explosive tribute to their life, their ashes will be scattered hundreds of feet up in the night sky. You will be able to watch this final blaze of glory, surrounded by friends and family, and even choose the colours, effects and music to which it takes place.


What services are available for scattering ashes?

Heavenly Stars offers two unique services for scattering ashes: professional and self-fired displays. Heavenly Stars offers four self-fired tribute packages with a diverse mix of both effects and duration. Launch your chosen rockets from the comfort of your home or take them to a much-loved location for a truly personal commemoration. Heavenly Stars leaves you in control of exactly how and when to create your own special ceremony and you can have the fireworks containing your loved one’s ashes delivered directly to you.


Alternatively, With their professional displays, Heavenly Stars’ compassionate team provides a spectacular and personalised firework display just for you. Through a professionally fired firework display, you can give your beloved the send-off they deserve. You can tailor your tribute by choosing the colours, the types of fireworks and whether or not to include musical choreography.

Ashes in a Firework Display

What to expect with a self-fired firework display for scattering ashes


Heavenly Stars’ self-fired fireworks packages include a certificate of incorporation of your loved one’s name and a comprehensive guide to safety. You can have them delivered to your door in 10-12 working days with a carriage charge of £65 per order. Or, you can collect them from one of their shops in Ipswich, Suffolk or Colchester, Essex. Find all of the self-fired options here.


These packages are much more economical than the professional displays. The astonishing Celebration of Life option is just £299 and the breathtaking Legacy Package is £899. Nevertheless, the same care and personalisation is found with all of the self-fired rocket packages. Your rockets can arrive with messages, song lyrics or any text you like inscribed on them.


What’s involved with a professional memorial display for scattering ashes?


The helpful team at Heavenly Stars will put on a magnificent show for you to remember forever. Prices range from A Fond Goodbye memorial at £1,250 to An Ultimate Send-Off at £3,995. These costs are fully inclusive of correspondence, technical discussion, design and all materials, equipment and hardware for the professional display. Browse the available displays and choose the right package for you here


Heavenly Star’s team that organises and manages professional memorial displays receives the highest standard of training. They are all qualified to Level 1 or Level 2 of the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) training scheme. In addition, their expert staff members include three BPA qualified lecturers. With over 20 years of experience in the fireworks industry, Heavenly Stars has unrivalled expertise and knowledge. You can rest assured that your tribute to life is in safe and reliable hands.


Find out more


If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with the Heavenly Stars team. Their email is [email protected] or call them on 01206 710777.


If you’re looking for a direct cremation service who can incorporate ashes into fireworks for you. Give us a call on 0800 133 7961 and we will do all we can to assist you.

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