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Ash urn options

Cremation Urns – What Are Your Options?

Ash urn options

At Direct Cremation, we offer the choice of having the ashes scattered in our peaceful gardens of remembrance or delivering them to you in our tasteful wooden urn. But we understand that some people are looking for a unique vessel to stored their loved one’s ashes, so the following post was written by our friends at and we are happy to deliver the ashes in our of their containers for a reasonable price if you would prefer this.

When it comes to the decision of what to do with the ashes, it can be an emotional and confusing subject to discuss. This is the exact situation I was in when I decided to set up Below are some of the more popular options that the families I serve look for when choosing an urn.

Do you want to keep the ashes or disperse them?

The main question you will want to ask yourself is whether you would like to keep the ashes in some form of urn permanently or are you looking to scatter the ashes at a location of some significance? This will greatly affect not only the product but the material of the urn you choose.

Dispersing the Ashes

If you want to scatter the ashes then you have a number of options;

Ash scattering tube

Scatter Tubes

Available in a range of colours and patterns, scatter tubes are a fairly cheap type of urn that are used to make scattering of ashes as easy as possible. If you plan to scatter the ashes at a memorable spot, then this is perfect. They come in 2 sizes so you can scatter all at once or share the ashes between family members to make a ceremony that everyone is involved with.


Urn for Water Floating

Water urns for Ashes

These water biodegradable urns are suitable when casting ashes into the water. The rules for this in the UK are fairly relaxed. As long as you do not release the ashes near a water source, you are free to commit the ashes into rivers or the sea. The most popular urns are made to float for a short while before sinking and slowly disintegrating into the water.

Biodegradable Urn


Biodegradable Burial Urns

Like water urns, but made to be buried. These urns will slowly combine with the earth to ensure your loved one is returned back to nature over time. You will need permission from the land owner in order to bury ashes on land.



Storing / Interring the Ashes

If you would like to keep the ashes as a memory then there are an ever growing number of styles and designs available to you. Because every person is unique, I pride myself on being able to offer a wide selection of urns to suit all families from all walks of life.

Garden Urn

Garden urns

The UK is full of green thumbed people so it’s no wonder that our garden urns are very popular. Perfect for reflecting on good times, in a place full of memories and love. We have styles ranging from natural stones and bronze coated artistic models, to stainless steel flowers and garden benches made to hold the ashes of a lost gardener.


Small Urn

Keepsake Urns

If you want to share the ashes between family and friends, then we have a large selection of keepsake & small urns that can hold just a small portion of ashes so others can each share memories. From picture frames to candle holders, these come in a range of styles to help you cherish the memory how you want to.


VW Camper Van UrnCustom Urns

If you can’t find anything that really speaks to you, then I have partnered with some of the worlds best artists to be able to offer personalised urns. We are able to make hand thrown ceramic pottery urns or more intricate 3d printed models to highlight a passion for life that is unique.

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