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Forest in the sun

Unattended Funeral

Forest in the sun

An unattended funeral, also known as a direct cremation or direct funeral, is a funeral where the deceased is cremated without a ceremony or a gathering of friends and family beforehand. Some consider it a difficult or emotional experience for those who knew and loved the person who has passed away, as it can feel like a final goodbye without the opportunity to say farewell at more traditional funeral service.


But it’s important to remember that everyone grieves differently, and an unattended funeral may be the best option for some. Some people may not want a traditional funeral service or may not have the financial means to afford one. Therefore an unattended funeral can be a more affordable option and can also provide a sense of closure for the family by having a memorial service at a later date or marking the occasion remotely.


You should be aware that the family may have chosen an unattended funeral because they want to focus on their personal grieving process and not have to organise and cope with a public event. They may consider the idea of a big gathering overwhelming and an unattended funeral may provide them with more privacy and solitude than a funeral service.


And just because there is no ceremony or public farewell, it doesn’t mean that the person’s life is any less valuable or that they will be forgotten. An unattended funeral doesn’t mean that you can’t honour the person’s memory in your own way. At a later date, you could still plan a memorial service or a gathering of friends and family to celebrate their life and share memories.


The family may choose to hold a memorial service or a celebration of life at a later time, or they may choose to scatter the ashes in a special place that holds meaning for them.

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