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Direct cremation tree

Can you attend a direct cremation?

Direct cremation tree

What is a direct cremation?


A direct cremation is a simple alternative to a traditional, full-service funeral. It involves the same level of care and respect, but without all the additions such as a hearse, a minister or pallbearers. Direct cremations separate the cremation from any service. This has the benefit of leaving you free to arrange a special personalised send-off in your own time. 


Can you attend a direct cremation?


In most cases, there are no mourners at a direct cremation. However, some venues permit a small number of people to attend. This almost always incurs an extra charge and timings and numbers will be limited.


With, it is not possible to attend direct cremations. We do not offer this because our cremations happen at a regional crematorium, not a local one. They also take place early in the morning and we do not rent out the chapel. 


This is how we are able to keep our prices low for our clients.


Our commitment is to offer a respectful and professional direct cremation for as little as £895. This is significantly lower than the UK average price of a funeral at £3,885. 


Get in touch with us and find out more on 0800 133 7961, or send an email to [email protected].


If you would like a simple funeral including a funeral service that you can attend, you can arrange caring and thoughtful funerals with Willow Lake. In keeping with our belief in high quality but low cost funeral services, Willow Lake services have one fixed price of £1,995. Contact Willow Lake on 0800 464 7277 or send an email to [email protected]


The advantages of a direct cremation


There are many advantages that a direct cremation offers. 


For example, it gives you complete control over the memorial service, enabling you to hold exactly the kind of service that your loved one would have wanted. This frees you from the time restrictions of your local crematorium. It leaves you time to organise the service whenever works best for you. Moreover, you also gain the opportunity to hold your farewell wherever you would prefer. 


Direct cremations are often appealing to those without religious beliefs. Since there is no accompanying ceremony, there is no religious aspect. Atheists and agnostics can then hold their own secular celebration of life for the person who has died. A direct cremation can therefore make it easier to fulfil the last wishes of your friend or family member. 


What happens at an unattended direct cremation?


At an unattended cremation, the coffin goes directly through the chapel and straight to the cremator. On the exterior of the coffin are several identity checks to guarantee you receive the correct ashes. The cremation itself is private, individual, and respectful. The cremator is thoroughly cleaned between each individual cremation. 


What is included in a Direct Cremation?


Our experienced team will manage the legal paperwork on your behalf, working with doctors or the coroner to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly. We aim to make everything as easy and as stress-free for you as possible. As such, we will also collect your loved one from any hospital or mortuary in England or Wales and take them to our crematorium. 


Our compassionate team will conduct the private and individual cremation, making sure you are informed of the date and time well in advance. You can choose to scatter the ashes in our tranquil Garden of Remembrance at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can receive the ashes hand-delivered directly to your door in a contemporary wooden urn, complete with an engraved nameplate, for an additional £91. You can then scatter the ashes wherever and whenever you would like. 


Get in touch with us to begin making preparations for a direct cremation on 0800 133 7961, email [email protected] or use our price calculator below for a free quote.

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