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Ashes into space

Sending Ashes into Space

Ashes into space

Many of us dream of space travel, but few will achieve it in our lifetime.  But, thanks to Aura Flights, it is now possible to send your loved one’s ashes on an incredible final journey into space. And can help arrange it for you.


How sending ashes into space with Aura works 


Aura was founded in  2011 by Dr Alex Baker and Chris Rose. You may remember they appeared on the BBC show Dragon’s Den. Since then they’ve gone on to conduct many space burials and we are proud to be able to offer their services to our clients.


Aura Flights operate space flights from their dedicated park in the North of England. Guests are welcome to attend the ceremony and watch their loved one’s flight depart with a glass of champagne. They live stream the event for friends and family who can’t be there.


Once the flight achieves the correct altitude, the vessel opens to scatter your loved one’s ashes into the stratospheric winds as they make their final voyage around the Earth.


After the ceremony, you will receive a bespoke commemorative video including any photos or messages you have asked for and a flight certificate.


What happens to the ashes in space?


They travel the world! After release the ashes start to fall back to earth and are carried by the winds encircling the globe. From there the particles can be carried for weeks, months or even years, becoming part of the atmosphere. Eventually, they will fall to earth as rain or snowflakes.


In good company – Famous people whose ashes are scattered in space


Famous people who have had their ashes sent into space include Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, James Doohan (the actor famous for playing “Scotty” in that same series), and counterculture figure Timothy Leary. 


Aura Flight’s Memorial Launch costs around £2450 with financing options available. 


Any questions? Get in touch with our team by email: [email protected] or call 0800 133 7961. We’ll do our best to help.

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